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In 2014, the Melbourne Fire Department responded to 16,229 incidents, an average of 44 request for service each day. Rescues/emergency medical response were the most common incidents. A breakdown by incident time follows:

  • Rescue: 85%
  • Hazardous conditions: 1.5%
  • Fire: 1.5%
  • Public assist: 6%
  • False alarms: 4%
  • Mutual aid 2% (mutual aid may be given on any type of call outside the City)


Fire Loss Per Capita

Because of the Melbourne Fire Department station locations and the number of fire fighters on duty, we are able to get to fires more quickly, which minimizes the negative outcome. Fire loss per capita was $9.85 in 2014, dramatically lower than the national and statewide average. In 2014, the per capita fire loss nationwide was $36.06 (provided by the National Fire Protection Association) and was $23.65 in the state of Florida (provided by the State Fire Marshal's office).