Management Services

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Department of Management Services is made up of the Divisions of Information Technology, Fleet Management, and Facilities Management. The Internal Compliance Auditing and the Energy Program Management functions are included in Department of Management Services.

Department of Management Services works behind the scene to take care of the back office activities for the City, so other departments can focus on their core jobs. We make sure each division operates at its best, eliminates silos, and spends City money wisely.

Information Technology Division
The IT division is responsible for the City’s information technology, including network engineering and connectivity; server and storage capacity; computer hardware & software; GIS mapping; data security; and voice communications, including telephones, cell phones, and radio.

Glenn Harmon, IT Manager
(321) 608-7700

Fleet Management Division

This division is a centralized repair and maintenance garage for the City. It is responsible for the managing, maintenance, and repair of the City's fleet of vehicles, equipment, and its fleet facility.

Ernest Hutman, Fleet Division Manager
(321) 608-5400

Facilities Management Division
The Facilities Management mission is to provide a comfortable, healthy, and safe environment for City employees and public citizens while maintaining responsible energy management and temperature controls at all City sites. The Facilities Management division is also responsible for maintenance and repair of 836 City-owned street lights.

Scott Porter, Facilities Division Manager
(321) 608-5500